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RESHMA SHAH Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ

PO Box 107 208 Lenox Avenue Westfield, NJ 07090 | 908-264-4344

Mindfulness teaches children to look for 'Direction Within' instead
of seeking outward. It helps them gain focus, integrity, drive in
life and discernment for making the right choices. It spares them
from substance abuse and outward dependency.” ~ Reshma Shah

Reshma Shah is a profound, versatile energy healer, soulful teacher and a loving mother. Reshma has passion for helping people tap into their true potential through energy healing. Her vast experiences living on different
continents and immersing herself in a variety of cultures have enabled her to gain invaluable insights for deeper perspectives. As a result, she has a genuine love and understanding for others.

Born into a loving family, Reshma was given a strong holistic foundation of faith and trust in God. Reshma learned to meditate as a young child and exhibited strong clairvoyance, intuitive abilities and interests in the metaphysical, mysterious arena. Reshma graduated with degrees in Business and Interior Design. Practicing designs for over two and a half decades didn't quench her thirst for innovations. Energy work has been another creative
outlet for Reshma. Throughout her life she has continued to meditate and has played with Theta Healing, Sacred Activations, Feng Shui, Pranic Healing, Holistic Nutrition and much more.

Reshma was first drawn to Thetahealing® to search for the cause of and cure for cancer as she lost three of her very best friends to this life threatening disease in a very short time. She studied with various modalities structured as well Free hand experience,with the results now she practices as a Master healer and  Instructor. Passionate about energy healing , Reshma has used the practice to not only transform her own life, but to help others experience life altering changes.

“Thetahealing® has given direction to my inborn abilities and
purpose in life for offering services to the world.” Reshma Shah

                                          Reshma has devoted her life to this passion of sharing her gifts.