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Advanced DNA 2:

Span: 3 days, 10am - 5pm

Cost: $450 - Includes nonrefundable $100 deposit

Prerequisite: Basic DNA

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be born with an inbuilt chip into us with a manual to know,How to live our lives to the fullest and happiest? Advanced DNA 2 shows us how to learn life skills which we thought of to be beyond our current beliefs.

Advanced DNA 2 teaches us to work on our beliefs at our deeper level(digging) and clearing them at all four levels which prepares us with more positive changes and transformations in life.It shows us magical techniques like “Baby in the Womb” which releases us from the burden from conception levels and before,"Heart Song" and soothing "Broken Soul"which resolves our issues at the deepest level. We all have come with a divine life purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. To learn how to get to our respective precious path.This class cleans out a lot of our baggage to show us how to love and live our lives better.

Advanced DNA 2 class gives hundreds of Downloads.

Downloads are the programs that are recorded in your subconscious mind for you to draw upon when you need them.

Techniques you will learn:

*Have a connection with the 7th plane and Grounding.

*Dig deeper for beliefs and fears.

*Hundreds of life transforming Downloads.

*Connect to all the planes through the 7th plane.

*Connect with pets, plants, crystals through the 7th plane.

*Heal baby in the womb, broken heart.

*Healing the broken soul and soul fragments.

*Conduct ancestral readings.

*Release free floating memories, shocks, and other traumas.

*Clear belief work on furniture, homes, land, plants, animals, and business.

*Connect and speaking with the higher self.

*Master and Bending time.

Provided Supplies:

*A Reference Book: Advanced ThetaHealing® Harnessing the Power of All That Is by Vianna Stibal

* Class Manual

* Certification of Merit

* Refreshments


The Participant would be Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, ready for the Teacher's Course of Advanced DNA 2.

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