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Basic DNA:

Span: it's a three day class-10am -5pm
Fees: $450, deposit of $100 included which is

This is the foundation level introductory class for one to learn this most powerful technique of
ThetaHealing®. This class opens the doorways for an individual to work on self and others.

Things you will learn:

* The different brainwaves-Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gama and Theta.
* Activate your intuition.
* The art of muscle testing.
* To connect with the source through the teaching of Theta Healing.
* How to recognize and change one's reality through different beliefs at 4 levels.
* How to release old fears, anger, resentment and rejection.
* Learn about 7 Planes of Existence.
* How to attract your Soul Mate or reignite the spark of your current relationship.
* How to see your possible future.
* The art of manifesting through Theta brainwaves.
* How to activate 12 Strand DNA as well Youth and Vitality.
* How to work with your Guardian Angels and Guides.
* How to discover your life purpose.

Provided Supplies:

* The book by Vianna Stibal:
ThetaHealing® Introducing an Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality.
* A class manual.
* Certification for The Basic Course.
* Certified Listing( Optional) on Vianna Stibal's website directory.
* Refreshments.


The Participant will be certified as a
Thetahealing® Practitioner allowing them to use these skills as a practitioner.

Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ