Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ


RESHMA SHAH Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ

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Private sessions are direct one to one sessions to assist the client to grow out of their concerns. 
To get ready for your session, it is helpful to drink plenty of water prior to your session.

One on One Private Sessions:
Duration: 0.50 hr
In this session, we will work on the limiting beliefs and blocks to resolve the concerned matters. The beliefs and blocks that are not serving the client's needs will be immediately replaced. You will be supported,respected and honored and everything shared will be confidential. Private sessions are done in person,on phone or on Skype.

Sessions are worked through phone,Skype or in person through people all over the world.


Couple's Sessions:

Duration: 1:30 hrs - 2:00 hrs

In today's challenging world,its essential for couples to have a confidential friend who they can trust for the non judgmental 

loving and caring space. Reshma provides that with highest integrity. Many couples have benefited and marriages have been saved. Loving nurturing space provided by Reshma has helped couples nationally as well overseas. 

Children and Youth Sessions:

Duration: 0.50-1.00 hr with a parent

Reshma loves to work with children. Reshma believes, children are our future. It is essential for us to take care of and nurture the kids to build stronger foundation in their as well our lives.

For young adults, Reshma believes if they are offered appropriate guidance at the apt time, they could be spared of the detours due to substance abuse and other tormenting at young age.

In this session Reshma helps children with behavioural issues, familial issues, food allergies,anxiety due to stress in families and much more.