Prerequisite: None

Span: It's a two day class 10am-5pm

Cost: $300

It includes $50 Deposit which is non refundable.

Love is everywhere. We have to reach out as per our individual selves. Do you know there are different types of soul mates we attract?

Would you like to attract the most compatible one?

If you are single and looking for "the one" or in a relationship and want to rejuvenate the spark.

This fun workshop is a powerful opportunity to tap or go deeper and open the path to invite relationships to embrace love in your life.

Techniques you will learn:

       * To be the best and accept all of you.

       * Differentiate between Devine beloved, most compatible soul mate or a Twin Flame.

       * To take Energetic Divorce from the past relationship, Cord Cutting and pull back  Soul Fragments?

       * To manifest your most compatible soul mate.

       * Heart Song to open the doors for heart for love.

       * To discover what you could offer your mate with confidence, self esteem, self worth, self respect and much more.

       * Clearing old vows,oaths and commitments blocking love.

       * Discover about Monogamy Gene.

       * To clear blocks about relationships ,sex, marriage and much more.....

Provided Supply:

      * A Certified Class Manual by Vianna Stibal

      * Certification of merit.

      * Refreshments

Certification:The Participant will be A Certified Soul Mate Thetahealing┬« Practitioner, ready for the Teacher's Course of Soul Mate

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