Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ


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"I have been struggling with health from over a decade. I have several medical conditions including fibromayalgia.I am fortunate to have such a gifted healer as a friend. not only my fibro is in control but i was able to wean off my pain meds thanks to all the downloads. There is much more clarity in my life and i am able to do what i love most once again. Reshma thank you so very much for always being so patient and understanding. I thank our creator for giving us such a wonderful healer. i am truely very grateful. lots of love." - Niki, California

​Reshma  Shah came into our lives in Nova Scotia Canada in a very special way, by God! While Reshma and her son where traveling here she introduced us to Theta Healing which was quite amazing and brought me and my husband an overwhelming sense of peace between us! Reshma was so knowledgeable and professional while still making us feel at home within her practice, if anything she brought us even closer within our heart's content! In whatever Reshma decides or accomplishes I am sure it will be more than expected and a gift to be experienced! A participant and a friend, - Joey Poirier  (JoéX ), NS, Canada

“I have worked with Reshma several times.  I find her to be intuitive, gracious, and deeply insightful.  She has given me very powerful treatments that have created major shifts in my life.  I highly recommend her.”  - Elizabeth Clemants, NY

“A few months ago I developed severe skin condition with relentless debilitating itch. I was completely unable to function. During the session, it was determined that it was ultimately caused by the great tensions in my family and in my business. After a mere two healing sessions, not only are my symptoms much easier, but my family relationships are improving at a miraculous speed and my outlook on business is much clearer.”    -Gina Gervesi, Hoboken NJ-

"I was feeling stuck and wasn't able to move forward. Working on some beliefs, that were holding me back from my financial abundance. The session was truly amazing! The next day things started to shift and still today moving forward for me. I am so grateful!!!" - Vasiliski Mendler, Brooklyn,NY-

" During my treatment with you, I felt like there was a really strong connections to God there was a lot of tingling on my head,it was wonderful,and I felt the downloads with lots of love from The Creator,so I conclude you have a lot of commanding energy. Thank you sooooo much for the treatment!"

-JZ Bown Canada-