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Manifestation and Abundance:

Prerequisite: Basic And Advanced DNA.

Span: It's a two day class.

Cost: $ 450

It includes $100 deposit which is non refundable.

This class brings out the best in you! Your inner selves and desires surfaces. It will show you how to move ahead in life unveiling and resolving your fears and beliefs that stop and restrain you. This class shows you your Devine Time and what Creator has planned for you in this lifetime. This class shows you how to manifest from the Seventh Plane of Existence, bless your abundance and "unstuck" through all the facets in life.

Techniques you learn:

* To create your manifesting list for your desires.

* To successfully manifest in Theta state and validate it.

* Release 100's of 3Rs from our lives.

* How different Laws could affect and influence our abundance.

* Learn the Devine Time, to look into and change our possible future.

* To recover the lost abundance by removing blocks of the cause.

* Discover blocks on abundance may not be about Money!

Provided Supplies:

* A Certified Class Manual by Vianna Stibal

* A Certificate of Merit

* Refreshments


The Participant would be a Certified Thetahealing® Practioner ready for the Teacher's Course of Manifestation and Abundance.

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