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Meditation and Thetahealing® in NJ



Basic DNA Class

It's a three-day class
Fees: $600, a deposit of $100 included which is non-refundable

This is the foundation level introductory class for one to learn this most powerful

technique of ​ThetaHealing®.

This class opens the doorways for an individual to work on self and others.

Things you will learn:

  •  The different brainwaves-Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gama and Theta.
  •  Activate your intuition.
  •  The art of muscle testing.
  •  To connect with the source through the teaching of Theta Healing.
  •  How to recognize and change one's reality through different beliefs at 4 levels.
  •  How to release old fears, anger, resentment and rejection.
  •  Learn about 7 Planes of Existence.
  •  How to attract your Soul Mate or reignite the spark of your current relationship.
  •  How to see your possible future.
  •  The art of manifesting through Theta brainwaves.
  •  How to activate 12 Strand DNA as well Youth and Vitality.
  •  How to work with your Guardian Angels and Guides.
  •  How to discover your life purpose.

Provided Supplies:

  •  The book by Vianna Stibal: ThetaHealing® Introducing an Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality.
  •  A class manual.
  •  Certification for The Basic Course.
  •  Certified Listing( Optional) on Vianna Stibal's website directory.
  •  Refreshments.

The Participant will be certified as a
ThetaHealing® Practitioner allowing them to use these skills
as a practitioner.

Advanced DNA Class

It's a three-day class

Cost: $650 - Includes nonrefundable $100 deposit

Prerequisite: Basic DNA

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be born with an inbuilt chip into us with a manual to know, How to live our lives to the fullest and happiest? Advanced DNA 2 shows us how to learn life skills which we thought of to be beyond our current 


Advanced DNA 2 teaches us to work on our beliefs at our deeper level (digging) and clearing them at all four levels which prepares us with more positive changes and transformations in life. It shows us magical techniques like “Baby

in the Womb” which releases us from the burden from conception levels and before, "Heart Song" and soothing "Broken

Soul" which resolves our issues at the deepest level. We all have come with a divine life purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.

To learn how to get to our respective precious path. This class cleans out a lot of our baggage to show us how to love

and live our lives better.

Advanced DNA 2 class gives hundreds of Downloads.

Downloads are the programs that are recorded in your subconscious mind for you to draw upon when you need them.

Techniques you will learn:

  • Have a connection with the 7th plane and Grounding.
  • Dig deeper for beliefs and fears.
  • Hundreds of life-transforming Downloads.
  • Connect to all the planes through the 7th plane.
  • Connect with pets, plants, crystals through the 7th plane.
  • Heal baby in the womb, broken heart.
  • Healing the broken soul and soul fragments.
  • Conduct ancestral readings.
  • Release free floating memories, shocks, and other traumas.
  • Clear belief work on furniture, homes, land, plants, animals, and business.
  • Connect and speaking with the higher self.
  • Master and Bending time.

 Provided Supplies:


  • A Reference Book: Advanced ThetaHealing® Harnessing the Power of All That Is by Vianna Stibal
  •  Class Manual
  •  Certification of Merit
  •  Refreshments


 The Participant will be Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, ready for the Teacher's Course of Advanced DNA 2.

Vianna's Manifestation and Abundance

 Prerequisite: Basic And Advanced DNA.

 It's a two day class

 Cost: $550

 It includes $100 deposit which is non refundable.

This class brings out the best in you! Your inner selves and desires surfaces. It will show you how to move ahead in

life unveiling and resolving your fears and beliefs that stop and restrain you. This class shows you your Devine Time

and what Creator has planned for you in this lifetime. This class shows you how to manifest from the Seventh Plane

of Existence, bless your abundance and "unstuck" through all the facets in life.

 Techniques you learn:

  •  To create your manifesting list for your desires.
  •  To successfully manifest in Theta state and validate it.
  •  Release 100's of 3Rs from our lives.
  •  How different Laws could affect and influence our abundance.
  •  Learn the Devine Time, to look into and change our possible future.
  •  To recover the lost abundance by removing blocks of the cause.
  •  Discover blocks on abundance may not be about Money!

 Provided Supplies:

  •  A Certified Class Manual by Vianna Stibal
  •  A Certificate of Merit
  •  Refreshments


 The Participant would be a Certified Thetahealing® Practioner ready for the Teacher's Course of Manifestation and



Prerequisite: None for the first day only

                     For the complete course: Basic Class

It's a two day class

Only the first day:$175

Cost for two days: $375

It includes $50 Deposit which is non refundable.

Love is everywhere. We could reach out as per our individual selves.  Do you know there are different types of soul mates we attract? Would you like to attract the most compatible one? If you are single and looking for "the one" or in a relationship and want to rejuvenate the spark.

This fun workshop is a powerful opportunity to tap or go deeper and open the path to invite relationships to embrace

love in your life.

Techniques you will learn:       

  •  To be the best and accept all of you.       
  •  Differentiate between Devine beloved, most compatible soul mate or a Twin Flame.     
  •  To take Energetic Divorce from the past relationship, Cord Cutting and pull back  Soul Fragments?     
  •  To manifest your most compatible soul mate.       
  •  Heart Song to open the doors for heart for love.       
  •  To discover what you could offer your mate with confidence, self esteem, self worth, self respect and much more.       
  •  Clearing old vows, oaths and commitments blocking love.       
  •  Discover about Monogamy Gene.       
  •  To clear blocks about relationships ,sex, marriage and much more.....Provided Supply:     
  •  A Certified Class Manual by Vianna Stibal     
  •  Certification of merit.     
  •  Refreshments


The Participant will be A Certified Soul Mate Thetahealing® Practitioner, ready for the Teacher's Course of Soul Mate

Rainbow Children:

Prerequisite: None 

It's a four day class 

Cost for adult: $800

Cost for children: $500

Rainbow Children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive children. A Rainbow Child is a child born with infinite wisdom and the ability to change the world around them. Since the time of the ancients the world has waited for the Rainbow Child to come in. A Rainbow Child is different than an Indigo Child. An Indigo Child is a child born to usher in a new age, a new time. Even though an Indigo Child has an incredible intuition and is wonderful at manifesting, an Indigo Child can be influenced by the negativity around them. A Rainbow Child changes the energy around them in order to meet the highest needs of human kind. A Rainbow Child has an incredible knowing of right and wrong and energetically knows how to shift the energy. Indigo Children are now shifting into the Rainbow Children. With practice, using their intuition, adults can shift into Rainbow Children as well. Rainbow Children are extremely loving, adaptable human beings with memories of other times and places, memories of skills they possess, and bring them infinite love and patience, welcome their special, able energies. Rainbow Children are your students.

​Techniques you will learn:

  • Introduction to Theta brainwaves
  • Reading of an object exercise 
  • Guided meditation
  • Genesis by observership
  • Introduction to muscle testing
  • Practice belief and feeling work
  • Working with guardian angels
  • Practice clairvoyance
  • Reading memory cards
  • Introduction to crystals
  • Introduction to crystal scrying
  • Working with plants
  • Working with essential oils
  • Working with elementals
  • Working with animals
  • Crystal layout exercise 
  • Telekinesis(moving objects with your mind) exercise

The Participant will be A Certified Rainbow Children Thetahealing® Practitioner.

Body Cleanse Class

It's a 2 day class.

Cost: $650, includes $100 nonrefundable deposit

No Prerequisite needed.

Body Cleanse Class - Learn how to transform your life by cleansing your body of toxins and embracing a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness. This workshop includes two days of Organic Healthy -----Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack at the end of the day.

As we know, our thoughts govern our life. Our thoughts could also be governed by our physical condition.  In today's toxic world, we could be adversely treating our physical body, which could in return, harm our health and life. As we clean our surroundings and environment, we could miss looking within. This seminar of Body Cleansing is all about taking care of our inner self.  The class teaches us to be aware of how to nurture our body and mind in healthy ways while eliminating toxicity.  The two day, small workshop is deeply informative and transformative, creating awareness of a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Valentine's Day Workshop

It's a 1 day Workshop.

Cost: $99, includes $40 nonrefundable depositValentines workshop:
No Prerequisite needed.

"When I am with you, we stay up all night,
When you're not here, I can't get to sleep.
Praise God for these two insomnias!
And the difference between them."
~ Rumi

This beautiful workshop is to find your love or for couples who would like to reignite the fire in their current relationship.  Above all, this workshop is to fall in love with yourself!!!!  The workshop releases beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from getting and receiving unconditional love!  With Creator, we celebrate love everyday and this very special workshop will renew your spirit and clear the path to find your true love, renew the love you have for your current partner, and fill you with unconditional love for the most important person of! [💞]